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Welcome to Trilad

Trilad has been manufacturing piping products since 1952 and today continues the tradition of high quality manufacturing of flanges, specialty forgings, and fittings. In addition, Trilad compliments their core products with the manufacturing capabilities of sister companies such as Tectubi Raccordi, Ezeflow, Gieminox and Warren Valve to offer our customers the best brands in the industry.

Whether you need a custom contoured nozzle, an odd degree elbow, a non-standard dimension flange or fitting, a large radius bend, or a unique chemistry, Trilad has the resources to supply your piping requirements. Trilad finds solutions to tough applications.

Trilad follows a strict quality protocol when it comes to manufacturing. All Trilad manufacturing facilities comply with ISO 9001:2008 and with stringent internal standards which are administered by our Quality Team. Trilad products have quality built-in and Trilad's team of order execution experts have the experience and passion to delivery high quality solutions. Trilad stands behind their products to guarantee our customers' success.

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